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Cotton Seed Refined Oil

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Introduction :

Cotton SeedAs evident from the name Cottonseed Oil is derived from Cotton Plant. Cottonseed oil is extracted from cottonseed, which carries around 18% oil content. Cottonseed oil is estimated to contribute nearly a fifth of the global vegetable oil production. Cottonseed is a byproduct derived through process called ginning.

Global Scenario :

Cotton Seed Refined oilGlobal Cottonseed output is estimated around 35 million tons in the recent past. Major producers of Cotton in the world also dominate the oil sector with China, U.S., India, Pakistan and Brazil leading the pack. Out of this nearly 27 million are used for oil. Global trade in cotton oil is estimated around 1 million tons. Australia, U.S. and Mexico are the leading exporters of Cottonseed Oil while Europe and Japan are main Importers. The major Producers are Argentina, France, Romania, Hungary, China, India and United States of America.

Indian Scenario :

India’s Cottonseed Production is estimated to be around 35% of its cotton output of over 4.5 million tons. Nearly 80% of the Cottonseed is crushed for oil while the rest goes for feed. Major producers Cotton in the country are Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Nearly 95% of the output and area under Cotton belong to these nine states.

Seasonality : Prices tend to fall in October-January as it is considered as Peak season of arrivals of fresh supply.

Factors influencing Cotton Seed Refined Oil Price :

  • Fluctuations in Cotton output will have a direct bearing on the price of Cottonseed Refined Oil.
  • The price of other edible oils would also influence Cottonseed Refined Oil.

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